Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Does This Happen?

Seriously, how does this happen?

People warned me when our children were small. It was one of those comments or pieces of advice that you think, "Sure, sure, but you're forgetting what it's like to get up at 6 a.m./dress/feed/clean/cook for/play with/clean up after/shop for/bathe/stimulate/take to the park/(and on and on ad nauseum...)for little children while I work part/full time. How can it possibly get busier?" But they all said, "Oh, you just wait, it only gets crazier!"

I am here today to say "they" were right. We are running in so many different directions, we're not sure who's going where on what day and how they're getting there. Soccer for Sara three times a week. Soccer for Connor three times a week. Golf for Steve once a week. Soccer for Mom once a week. 7 or 8 weekend soccer tournaments for the kids. Selling snowcones to raise money for said soccer tournaments. Dance recitals. Church meetings. Piano lessons. Play dates and parties (these kids have better social lives than we do!). Oh, and full time work, too. I can't imagine trying to factor in another person into that equation. How do parents of more children do it??

Busy we choose to be, but busy we love to be. It may sound like whining, but really we enjoy all of these things. Can't imagine giving any of it up! So, I'll hit the Timmy's drive through again, tank up and hit the road.

Will the older years only get busier? Speak up, "They", I will listen to you this time!