Sunday, January 16, 2011

Common Threads

About a year ago, I posted a link to a birth story of a beautiful little girl who happened to have an extra 21st chromosome (Trisomy 21 otherwise known as Down Syndrome). Her mother wrote such a beautiful tribute about how welcoming her daughter into their family was a journey of initial pain that turned into a love she could never imagine.

Well, Nella is turning one and once again her mother has a beautiful blog post about her, their lives this past year and many beautiful pictures of individuals with Trisomy 21. I love this quote from her: "I can tell you this though. I have changed. My eyes have been opened to the broad spectrum of beauty, the value of uniqueness and the amazement of the common thread that binds us all regardless of the color of our skin or the makeup of our chromosomes."

We all want the same be valued and loved no matter who we are. I love the words "common thread that binds us together". It reminds me of the Down Syndrome convention that Annette worked tirelessly on. It's theme was "Common Threads". Perfect. We are all bound by common threads.It is definitely worth a read... so heartwarming and a wonderful model of what inclusion in our world could really look like. Check it out!

Happy Birthday, Nella!