Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm off for the weekend... I'm so excited!

My very very good friend, Julie, and I are off to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play. Julie is the Steelers fan, not me, but she invited me along to see the game. Even though I don't watch football, I am REALLY looking forward to going to the game and seeing an NFL game live!

We're stopping in at a huge outlet mall on the way down. I hear the deals are great so I'll probably be a bit of a spendy girl again.

So... if you're watching the game on Sunday, look for me! I'll be the one in the Steelers hat! ;)



life just good

Tara Marie said...

lol!!!! I'll be keeping my eye out for a Steelers hat, with a beautiful babe in it!!!

Have an incredible trip and go and spend young lady [oops, I forgot, your 40 now! lol!!!] and don't forget, you could be doing some early Christmas shopping!

Peace, TM

Michelle said...

Have a great time on your trip!

Mauzy said...

Oh wow! Have a wonderful time!!

Chris (Nana's Mom) said...

You drove right by me! :) You went to Grove City, right?
Hope you have a really great time- you deserve some fun, fun, fun!!
Take care, Chris

Anonymous said...

Dear Annette

Hope you had a great time!!!! and by the way Happy Belated 40th.
I just love your new "do" it looks great on you!!!! What a great story re Rick and Dick what a team!! Love P&S

Mauzy said...

Hey are you getting my emails???

Lisa Huckleberry said...

I sure hope you had a great time today Annette!!! I did not get a chance to see the game today, but I sure hope they won!!! And hope you got to do lots of shopping!!!!