Monday, June 11, 2007

Any recommendations for a camera?

My camera has officially had it. It has this amazing ability to stop working at the most important moments. I have one picture of Ryan's Special Olympics as it would not work. This camera has had two visits to the repair shop already. I am going to bring it in for #3 - if they give me a replacement camera, then I'll take whatever they give me (a salesclerk at the store told me they might give me a replacement camera as this is repair#3 under the same warranty period). BUT... if they don't give me a replacement, I'm buying a new camera - even if they try to fix this one (it obviously hasn't worked before).

So... I'm looking for recommendations for a digital camera. No SLRs here... just want an easy to use digital camera with a fairly large view screen. Right now I have a Canon Powershot A60 and I do like it (in spite of the problems). It's easy to use and the pictures I get from it are clear and bright. But if you're passionate about your camera, let me know.... I'll check it out!


Especially Heather said...

I have a Canon Power Shot A630, the screen is big and the pictures turn with the camera. It also has a video option which comes in handy!

Still praying..

Tara Marie said...

Annette, Katrina got a wonderful camera that I highly recommend. It is a Sony Cybershot.....I will find a link to it. It is small [fits into a pocket of a shirt] and it has the largest display screen I have ever seen on a small digital....anti-shake built in and takes amazing pictures.

I'll get back to you tonight...I promise! ;)