Tuesday, August 28, 2007

As promised.... PICTURES!

Ok.. I'm a bit late, but here are some pics from our cottage (cabin) week. I actually didn't end up with too many pictures... so here's just a few from what I have.

Kurtis and Tom did a lot of fishing together. Although they didn't manage to get us a fish'n'chips dinner, they did manage to impress the kids at the cottages!

Connor, Kurtis, Ryan and Sarah show their nice (but very sandy) side.... and then their silly side. I do think the silly side was 95% out on this holiday!

More fishin' pics:
Aren't cousins great? (you can all ooh and aah right now about how cute they all look in their lifejackets)

Thank goodness for the DVD on the computer. It really kept Ryan occupied when he needed to stay inside the cottage.


Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

Oh Annette! It looks like a really nice time! I'm glad you all got to go! Yeah summer's winding down but for us, our kids were ready to move on. Hope it all goes well for Ryan! :)

Bennetts said...

oh how fun! and what sweet little face all tan and with big smiles...just pure joy!