Friday, January 11, 2008

No More Lamps Needed

Just after Annette died, my daughter Sara (8) and I were reading a children's book that dealt with death and heaven. One page was talking about heaven and all the things that would be there:

And all the things that wouldn't.
No more pain.
No more sickness.
No more cancer .
No more sadness.
No more darkness or night. Huh? Sara said' "Mommy, it says there won't be darkness and night in heaven. Is that right?" I had never heard that before! I told her I wasn't sure, but that we'd check that out soon. The following Sunday, in church, I was looking for some inspiration from Revelations. Lo and behold I came across Rev. 22:5 "There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever".
No more night! No more darkness! (Will we still sleep? Because I love my bed and a good night sleep!) Not needing a lamp because we will see by the light of God! How cool is that?
Take comfort that we will no longer have long, dark nights filled with pain and grief. No more shadows of longing for things we wished had been. Only God's bright joy to guide our every minute!


Mauzy said...

I rather love the thought of Annette always in light, no pain.

I have her angel bell ornament I bought on my desk. She is always with me.


Tara Marie said...

I know Annette's spirit will radiate light for eternity......both in heaven and and in the hearts of us here on earth who love her so dearly.

This was beautiful Lisa......

Anonymous said...

children often bring out the best insights... thanks for sharing this... Jen

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa for sharing your thoughts and for keeping Annette's blog going. It's a beautiful tribute to her and a comfort to us. Henny V.

Robin Saylor said...

Lisa, I linked on to your blog through Mendelt's blog. I'm glad I did. I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your sister was an amazing person.
I love this post that you wrote about "no more lamps" - your daughter is a wise girl. Thanks for sharing it.
Glad to find find ways here to reconnect with people from the past!
~ Robin (Tigchelaar) Saylor

e said...

Thanks for keeping us updated...i think as a mom, my biggest fear would be leaving my children.

It gives me peace to know that all is well, Alyssa is in place, and everyone is comfy.

We think of you daily, and appreciate all that you do.

e & molly kate

Sharon said...

Hi Lisa,
Remember me from way back? :)
I came across this blog when I was reading Mendelt and Marisa's site. It is beautiful how God's comfort is so real during difficult times... Thank you for sharing that. I believe that this thought will also comfort others when they need it.
God Bless and praying you will feel His continual closeness to you and your family.
Love and Prayers,
Sharon Beere (nee Langendoen)