Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Connor!

Our big boy is 6 today! Hard to believe that six years has gone by. The time sure does fly. I was looking through some pictures, and boy, is that fun and tear jerking. I love my babies so much. They don't look like this anymore, but I love these pictures: (Sara is around 5 and Connor is 2, about 4 years ago)
Connor, we love your kind and gentle spirit. We love your sense of humour! You make us laugh each and every day. You have been blessed by God and in turn are a blessing to us. Love you to the moon and back and moon and back!!

Love Mommy, Daddy and Sara

OK, here are some more current pictures. I know, if Iwere a real good momma, I'd have pictures from today. This is the best I can do during report card and getting house ready to sell week.

These are from last fall, Halloween, and when his first tooth fell out (great for drinking out of a straw you know...)

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