Friday, September 05, 2008

What a whirlwind!!

Haven't had much time to blog lately as our lives have been a virtual whirlwind of activity. I can't believe what we packed into a few weeks (and a million boxes!)

The wedding went very well and Dad and Menny are very happy.

Dad and Menny both moved out successfully.

We managed to pack all of our stuff and move successfully. We even unpacked most of our stuff already.

I finished my first week of school.

Now hopefully we settle into routine. I am really looking forward to a boring, routine-filled fall and winter!


Anonymous said...

hi Lisa and Steve and fam
we hooked up with your dad & Menny and are on the cabot trail, we hope to take the ferry to Newfoundland tomorrow morning and are having a great time!! We have our first day of drizzel rain today. if you don't want me to write this on the blog please send me your email address, love Dad, Menny and P&S our email is

luvmypeanut said...

WHOA! I'm exhausted just reading this!!! Hopefully everything is settling down for you all now!

Mauzy said...

thinking of you all!

Tara Marie said...

What a whirlwind.....and I am hoping you are settling in contently and enjoy the new surrounds and friends you will be meeting.