Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Pole Won

Connor and Sara went to a waterpark last Friday on their day off from school. When I saw him later on that evening, this is what I saw:

Can you see it? At first I thought it was makeup. Here's a better picture (although it reminds me of a bad police mug shot...)

His first shiner! What a proud mama moment! (kidding!) I asked him what happened and he said,

"I got in a fight with a pole, and the pole won!"

P.S. That is most definitely NOT ketchup on his face! That would be a rotten reflection on his mama! My kids are always neat and tidy!


luvmypeanut said...

awwww poor guy! I hope it's healing up today!!!

Mamabear said...

I swear that happens every Monday to Rori when she is at home with Jeff. In the last month, Rori has had a golf lump due to a run-in with a wall and a huge bruise courtesy of her sister and a 2 x 4.