Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fantastic Day at Fantasy Island!

Where have we been for the last month and a half, you ask?

Well, we've been a little, ummmm, tied up...

...doing all kinds of fun summer stuff. We've had a great summer together at the cottage, playing soccer, resting and relaxing.

Now, it's back to reality. However, today we took another day to play!

We've been very busy this summer! But we'd promised the kids that if they wanted to use their birthday money for some day trips, we could go places they'd like to go. (We're trying to teach them that we're not the bottomless pit of denaro that they like to think we are. Ha!) So, today was the first chance we had to get to a theme park. We'd never been to this particular park and we had so much fun! There was no one there, which made it that much more fun (don't take that the wrong way, that almost sounds anti-social! What I meant was no crowds, no lines etc.) We could ride the rides over and over and over again. And we did. Sara and I did the roller coaster 5 times in a row without getting off. Whew!

It was great to steal another day with our family "while the gettin' is good". What a gorgeous day of weather we were blessed with today!

We did a round of mini-golf (Connor's favourite...)

Another of Connor's favourite... driving the antique cars! Maybe when Opa gets his '32 Chrysler finished, Connor can take it out for a spin!

I made Sara pose with me as I am in NO pictures for the last, oh, 7 years.

Sara and Connor on the slide...

Racing down together:

Bumper Cars!

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Mauzy said...

know I am thinking of you and your family, Tom and his family and your dad this week...with an anniversary date of your and Annette's mom's death, and Annette's birthday. Hugs.