Sunday, March 07, 2010

Phone Follies

I generally called Annette or she me at least once a week. Since she lived long distance, I dialed an eighteen digit number (an extra 7 digits to get cheap long distance of course).

My fingers flew over the keypad faster than my mind could think of the numbers. It was just an automatic physical reaction to key in those numbers without even thinking of them. I used 2 thumbs as once. (Maybe I will make a good texter some day...)

I sat down to call Tom the other day. My fingers began their thing without me thinking.

Then I stopped.

My fingers had forgotten.

My mind had forgotten.

I tried 3 times.

Couldn't get it.

Had to look up the number in my phone book.


1 comment:

Mamabear said...

Ahh...that is hard. The grief, it gets you in unexpected ways...