Sunday, June 06, 2010

Going Under the Knife... finally!

Tomorrow, Monday afternoon, Steve will be going under the knife for his BAHA Implant surgery. This is a two hour surgery. The Doctor is going to make an 'H' cut just above and behind his left ear. I'll save you the gruesome details, but the Doctor will surgically implant a 4mm titanium screw in his skull. According to Steve, "Done...piece of cake!!" (easy for him to say!) The titanium screw will need 12 weeks to heal and completely 'fuse' with the skull. So, twelve weeks from now, September 8 actually, he'll go back to Sunnybrook and get 'fitted' with an audio processor that 'clicks' into the titanium screw. The audio processor will do the 'hearing' for him on my deaf side. He's excited and looking forward to the possibilities in these next few months.

Pray with us that all may go well in the surgery and the healing process is quick and painless, hopefully!!

To read about why this is happening to Steve, read here.

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Ralph and Sara Pot said...

I hope the recovery goes well. The whole procedure sounds actually amazing! I hope this brings relief to Steve. spot