Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fun at Oma and Opa's house

Here are some pictures from today at Oma's house. The boys love to go swimming there and have a blast jumping around in the water. Look at Ryan jumping off the diving board... he always jumps out and leans forward so it's almost a belly flop. It always looks a bit painful to me, but it doesn't seem to bother him!

And check out the playhouse that Opa built for them! (Opa is in construction, so this was a hobby for him). Opa loves the architecture of Hundertwasser and designed this playhouse with that inspiration. I can't go in the very top room as it makes me dizzy, but the kids love it.


Michelle said...

one word - WOW! That playhouse is awsome! It's bigger than some people's homes LOL What an awsome Opa they have to build them such a wonderful playhouse!

Looks like they really enjoyed their day of swimming too!

Mauzy said...

Double WOW! Opa has a new trade I think! And big WOW on Ryan's jumping off the diving board! He can obviously swim !!! Triple Wow!

Got your Atlanta plans yet????

Tara Marie said...

Oh my goodness....that has to be the most incredible playhouse I have ever seen.

Ryan looks so grown up diving into the pool....and Ryan looks right at home on that shark!

I'm so glad you are feeling OK....and tell OPA he did an incredible job on what looks like a magical place for the boys to celebrate summertime in!

Anonymous said...

Hey! How long has Ryan been swimming on his own? That's awesome!! And it looks like he's grown again!
Glad you could enjoy some sunshine and swimming.

Love ya,

Kris said...

Fabulous pictures!! Ryan is so fabulous and BRAVE (diving off of a board!!)

Take care my friend!

Mis said...

WOW!!! That is one fancy playhouse! When can we move in???

Hope that you're doing well...we think of you often!

And another WOW with the swimming!


mum2brady said...

The playhouse is awesome - and what a great pool - can your parents adopt us ;)

Ryan is amazing - look at him swimming and jumping off the diving board - whoooo hoooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks so fun!!! Can I go live at the playhouse?