Monday, June 12, 2006

Plan of Attack

Tom and I met with my oncologist today to go over the new plan. Here's the scoop:
- two new chemotherapy drugs to try (new to me... these are established chemo drugs)
- the good news: I can be treated as an out-patient!!! YIPEE! No more hospital stays. Just a few hours in the Chemo Clinic and then back home.
- Drug A is to be administered on Day 1 and Day 8 (ie a week apart)
- Drug B is administered on Day 8
- then 2 weeks off. It's a 3-week cycle again.
- I go in on Thursday for the first treatment
- more good news (we pray): these drugs are much less emetic (nausea/vomiting producing). My oncologist says that most people don't even get sick at all and don't need anti-emetics. However, because of the strong reactions I have experienced and how sick I get, she's going to give me anti-nausea drugs anyways. But I should need a lot less.
- these drugs do have some different possible side effects but nothing major
- blood counts (and consequently, fatigue) will continue to be an issue, but that's nothing new.

Kurtis is thrilled that I won't have to stay in the hospital anymore - I can't argue with him there!

And, I have to share how thrilled with Kathy I am (our new babysitter). She truly was an answer to a prayer! She is so incredibly patient with my kids and handles them extremely well. She is mature beyond her years and the kids love her because she continually plays with them and organizes activities. But, she is also very helpful around the house. For example, we have a clothing armoire that we use to store games/crafts/etc. It was a bit of a mess and you had to search for everything. I showed it to her to let her know what was in there. I came home at night and she had organized everything in there. All neatly stacked and organized by activity and all the painting gear was put back in the painting container. You can actually find stuff now! Ryan is still getting used to all the activity. I must confess that since I've been sick (in mid-December), the kids have watched way, way, way too much TV. And Ryan more than Kurtis, just because he's only in school 2 or 3 days a week. So Ryan is used to watching his Sesame Street pretty much when he wants. He's having some trouble adjusting to less TV and more activity - let's just say he's ready to sleep when bedtime comes! But, it is so much better for him and it's already better than the first few times she was here.


Anonymous said...

Annette you are in my prayers that this new plan of attack will work! It's great that you won't have to stay in the hospital and that you will hopefully not be as nauseous from these drugs. And your new sitter sounds great! I know how hard a great sitter is to come by so what a blessing to have found her.


Anonymous said...

Yay to no long hospital stays!! That will be such a relief! And wouldn't it be wonderful if a lot of that nausea were gone! Praying for quick and successful results!
And, OK, she's great with the kids AND cleans??? Does she cook too? I am DEFINITELY bringing my kids over. Maybe I'll move in myself....

Anonymous said...

(Ooops, that was me by the way... hit enter a little too fast.)

Christie's Corner said...

Thanks for the update. It must be such a relief to know you can continue treatment without extended hospital stays and massive nausea. We'll be thinking of you on Thursday and sending lots of positive energey.

Kathy sounds like a dream. Everybody wins.

Thoughts and prayers are with you always.
Charmian and Andrew

Mauzy said...

Your plan B sounds good Annette. Know we are thinking of you and I have an email to send you!

Amy & Emma said...

Glad to hear you have a new plan, and that you can stay out of the hospital! And the babysitter sounds like a dream...can you clone her?

We'll keep praying for you, and here's hoping the nausea stays away.

Amy & Emma

Kris said...

YES!!!!!! I am so glad to hear all this great news. Thinking of you! Take care,

Chris said...

Oh, yeah- I love how positive that all sounds and I just know this will be the answer. I'm so glad you can have peace of mind with the kids, too- that must help so much.

Tara Marie said...

Annette.....I'm praying that this plan of attack is the answer, and I am hoping that the positive of not being to hard on you holds true!

Kathy truly sounds like a blessing and tell her we love her for being such a positive person in your and the boys life!

Thinking of you always.....

mum2brady said...

Annette - you are in our thoughts and prayers as you embark on these new treatments. I'm thrilled you won't have to stay in the hospital and that your sitter is so awesome! I pray that you have few side-effects and that these new drugs do the trick!