Friday, July 14, 2006

Miscellaneous update

I feel like I'm not being a good blogger lately, so here's a short update on what's been happening at our house!

I had chemo yesterday. Counts were good enough for chemo which I was happy about. But they now actually went the other way and are too high... if it's not one thing, it's the other! Counts that are too high usually means you've got an infection of some type - but I don't. I've been ordered (yup - ordered by the nurse) to take my temperature twice a day just to ensure I'm OK.

Tom's still dealing with sciatica although it doesn't seem to be quite as bad. It seems that it'll take a few weeks for it to ease up and that only time will help.

Tom and I went out for a wonderful dinner on Wednesday night - without kids. I wanted to go out before chemo as this chemo really affects my taste buds and everything is quite tasteless for about 10 days. We enjoyed a really nice dinner while the kids watched the "talent" show (America's Got Talent??) at Oma and Opas's house. This is Kurtis's new favourite show. I've never watched it but I might have to check it out next time it's on.

The boys were both at camp this week. Ryan was in Kiddie Camp for the mornings only. Kathy was unable to go on Tuesday with Ryan, so I stayed in her place. It was quite interesting to spend 3 hours with Ryan in a structured setting and observe him. I've stayed for a little while to observe at school, but never for this length of time. I was amazed at how well he participated, how he listened, followed directions etc etc. There were some times when he did act out (ie run away, grab a toy from a child, not listen to the counsellor etc), but overall, I was quite impessed with my little man. He is so cute when he goes home... he finds EACH AND EVERY counsellor, and gives them a hug and kiss goodbye. He searches until he finds every one of them. Kathy and Ryan have been busy in the afternoon - going to the park, to the library, for a swim at the YMCA. Since Kathy doesn't drive, she's been taking the boys on the bus a lot which is great for them both. They are also walking a lot more than they ever do with me - which is also great for them, but especially for Ryan as it helps build up his endurance. BTW, have I told you already how great Kathy is? LOL

Kurtis was at Golf and Tennis Camp. Unfortunately, it poured buckets of rain on Monday and Wednesday so he didn't get a lot of golf or tennis in on those days. But he still had a great time. There are 3 other neighbourhood kids in the class too, so he's having fun with his friends learning the correct hold on a golf club, practicing his putting, and perfecting his tennis swing!

Kurtis also lost one of his top front teeth on Wednesday. My little science guy decided to try an experiment with the Tooth Fairy. He put his tooth in a small Tupperware container and placed it beside his bed instead of under his pillow. He wanted to see if the Tooth Fairy would know that he lost his tooth since it was in a container and not under the pillow. Well, apparently the Tooth Fairy needs the tooth to be under the pillow as she didn't make a visit that night. Kurtis woke me up very early in the morning by bouncing on my bed and declaring "Mom, I know the answer to my experiment. The Tooth Fairy DIDN'T COME!" So last night, he put the tooth directly under the pillow with 11 cents as well (why the 11 cents? This was another experiment... it was a tip for the Tooth Fairy and he wanted to see if she'd take it). So anyways, the Tooth Fairy visited last night and left $2.00 (and the 11 cents).


Anonymous said...

Hi Annette, I've been thinking alot about you lately. Awhile back we hiked up the Sweetgrass Hills in Montana. We parked our vehicles on the side of the road,signed in at the mailbox on the fence post and proceeded to climb through the meadows and up the 'hills'. It was HARD work! (The term 'hills' is a misnomer if I've ever heard one.) The wind was pushing against us and the incline was steep. Mark(10 yrs old) told me he didn't think he could make it. I was inclined to agree but merely said we had to take it one step at a time. At one particular time we were climbing up the shale. I didn't realize how steep it was until I stopped and looked down. Wow, we had come up an incredible distance. The terrain had changed from waving meadows, to a few small trees at the base of the mountain to shale and rock. In spite of the harsh conditions a few plants and trees were growing out of the rocks. I was thinking of you. I was thinking how hard it must be at times-- times where you want to give up-- times where you are filled with despair and fear. And yet, as others encourage you and hold you up in prayer, you continue on. ON this mountain I prayed that you would have the tenacity of the plants that grow out of the rocks and shale. I prayed that you would have the courage to stop and see where God has taken you and know, without a doubt, that He has you in the palm of His mighty hand. I prayed and I prayed and I thought of you. And eventually, I DID make it to the top!

Keep on Annette, Keep on.
Love, Alice
PS. Sorry about the length

Annette said...

Alice, thank you so much for those comments. Quite appropriate, I think. Your prayer and insight has been a great source of strength for me and I do know, without a doubt, that God has me in the palm of His mighty hand. Lots of love to you too! - Annettte

Tara Marie said...

You have to watch the 'Talent' show as my children are loving it too!!! I just love the variety and amazing talents people are gifted with!

I'm glad you got to watch Ryan at his must have been so full of joy to see your sweet little guy fully involved and doing so well! He truly is a precious little guy!

and dinner sounded delicious. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to loose your taste-buds after chemo, but that meal before must be one that you really savor knowing that you are fully enjoying the flavor at its fullest!

Keeping you close in thought and prayer and so glad to read your makes me feel like I'm closer to you that being so many miles apart!

Peace and love, TM