Monday, October 23, 2006

quick peek in

I haven't had time to write or even check email this past week as it's been another tough week but here's a quick update...

My mother has been in the hospital since last Monday evening. She was quite sick but is recovering slowly. For those of you who pray, can you please pray for my Mom.... pray for her physical strength to return but also pray for peace and comfort. Mom, I love you so much!!

I go in for chemo again tomorrow. Wow - it's been a fast 3.5 weeks! I've prepared a letter addressing my concerns and feelings that I will give to my doctor... can't wait to see his response! And I'm hoping this one goes easier! I'll be more aggressive with drinking as my cousin (who's a nurse) suggested I may have been dehydrated (which makes nausea worse). yum... gatorade!

And my baby boy lost his first tooth! I didn't even know it was loose and I don't know where it is. I just noticed a gap while we were in the grocery store this afternoon. I'm pretty sure the tooth was there this morning....Ryan isn't too interested in the fact that it's gone and hasn't expressed any interest in talking about the Tooth Fairy. Also, money doesn't mean anything to him, so what should the Tooth Fairy bring? Kurtis got $5 for his first tooth (the Tooth Fairy gets cheap on 2nd and more teeth). Perhaps she'll bring a Dora The Explorer book...

Isn't that picture up above amazing? I can't believe all those finches were there at once.


Anonymous said...


You, Tom and the boys are always in our prayers. We will add your Mom and to the list. Hope all is well.


(any special requests for cookies??)

Anonymous said...

The tooth fairy usually brings a loonie (which is less than exciting) but she also brings a book (which is much more popular)... we are thinking of you and will be praying for your mom as well. Good for you to document your concerns, I think that was very wise! We hope this one isn't so bad.... we're praying for you and the boys... Jen and John

Tara Marie said...

Thinking of you and your Mother.

I've been praying for your Mother non-stop....for strength, healing and comfort.

So I wonder where that tooth is? and I think a book would be a great idea for a tooth-fairy gift.

I love the finch photograph.....I just adore watching birds feeding.

I hope tomorrow goes well....keep drinking and I'll be checking in to see how you are feeling.

Peace and love, TM

Lisa Huckleberry said...

Annette - I will say prayers for your mom tonight and of course prayers for you.... I hope tomorrow is not too bad for you. And yes everything I know of they say the best thing you can do is drink water and water or whatever you can drink to flush all the toxins faster out of your body. I know it is so tough especially the times you don't feel like eating or drinking, but remember it will make you stronger quicker... Know we all are praying and just rest and take care of yourself - everything else will fall into place... And a beautiful picture - just beautiful - thanks for posting that!

Remember miracles happen everyday everywhere!



Kitty Blucher said...

So good to hear from you, of course we will pray for your Mom. My Mom is recovering from cardiac surgery that didn't go so smoothly so I know how you feel..well sorta!! I love how you capture the beauty around you when you're having such a difficult time. Such an angel person you are.

*hugs* Kitty (T21 boards)

Michelle said...

Will be keeping your mom in my prayers too!

and you too of course on this next round of chemo - hoping the doc is understanding and sensitive to your needs and concerns and addresses his office staff!