Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Grains of Gratitude

1. I'm grateful that this round of chemo wasn't as hard as the last one. I'm feeling pretty good (9 out of 10 on the chemo scale) - what a relief! I just need to get a bit more strength back as I'm still feeling fatigued.

2. I'm grateful for the food people have brought us. We won't go hungry and I don't have to cook!

3. I'm grateful for the extracurricular activities my children can participate in. I'm thankful for the multitude of different opportunities that are available to them. On Saturdays, Kurtis is playing basketball and Ryan is participating in a music therapy class - and they both enjoy it!

4. I'm grateful for the laughter of my kids this morning as we all piled into one bed and giggled over silly things. There's really nothing like the laughter of little kids!

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