Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Signing Time Road Trip

This past weekend, the boys and I headed out for a road trip to Indiana. We went to visit Jan and her family, along with Nicole and her family and Lisa and her daughter. I know Jan, Nicole and Lisa from my on-line Down syndrome community. The excuse for this get together is a "Signing Time" concert. Signing Time is a wonderful series of videos that we used with Ryan to teach him sign language. Actually, I would say he learned 98% of his signs from these videos - they are WONDERFUL! Ryan is a very visual learner and loves music, so this set of videos hit the spot with him. They combine great visuals of kids showing the signs with catchy tunes.

Anyway, Ryan loved seeing Rachel "in real life" and I think Kurtis really enjoyed it too. I loved seeing Nicole and Jan again and meeting Lisa for the first time. I found it so cool to see how different all our children are. If anyone ever says that kids with Down syndrome are all the same, they should have been there. AND,,, if anyone ever says that they're all loving and sweet, they should have been there! LOL

Thank you Jan and Jeff for being such wonderful hosts! It was so nice of you to open your house to us and let us invade!

Jan, Nicole, me and Lisa enjoying some vino:

Adorable Lily. Ryan loved Lily, but she wasn't too thrilled with having him in her face - can't say I blame her as Ryan "loves" babies just a bit too much sometimes.

Jan and Nash with Rachel from Signing Time:

Nicole, Darrah and Tarenne with Rachel:



mum2brady said...

Annette - I'm sooo glad you guys got to go to Indy!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time, and what fun to be with some of your (and my) favorite online friends :) I wish we lived closer and could have come to play too :) Love all the pics of you guys, and Happy belated birthday Ryan!!!!

The Imperfect Christian said...

I"m glad you guys had fun! I wish we could have been there!

Tara Marie said...

Road Trip.......I love road trips and I'm so glad you have been able to take this one!!!! Just wish I could have joined you as it looked [and sounded like] so much fun!

Kris said...

Oh, I so wished we would have had weather that cooperated! I know I missed a wonderful time! I am so glad you all had a great time, and I loved your comments about children with down syndrome being all the same - NOT! :) Also loved the pics of Ryan below, he is so adorable. I can't decide who he looks like more, you or your husband - I see a lot of you in him, but your hubby too. Regardless he is adorable.

Rachel Coleman said...

Thanks for sharing about Signing Time! I had a blast in Indiana too. So many adorable kids and such great signers!!

jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing these photos! I wish we had the opportunity to be a part of these kinds of events...we don't. So I really appreciate living vicariously!

Mauzy said...

oh, Annette, you mean all kids with Ds aren't sweet??? Or just Nash? LOL Sorry he tended to pick on happy you came though! Miss you!

Lisa - Lily's mom said...

Annette - it was the most incredible weekend for me!!!! I have been so busy that I think I am now just having time to relish in the memories of our weekend with all of you! I am so happy we were finally able to meet - Ryan captured my heart from the get go - he is just amazing!!! And meeting Nicole and her family and Jan and her family - well it was all too beautiful for words to even express!

And yes you are absolutely right - all children even those with T21 are different and unique and beautiful!!!!

Lily totally blows the "they are all so sweet and loving" myth right out many windows!!!