Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yes Ma'am!!!

One thing about having a child who is essentially non-verbal is that sometimes you tend to underestimate what they take in and understand. I always tell people Ryan understands FAR more than you think ---- simply because he can't tell you everything!

Two days ago, as we were finishing dinner, I asked Ryan to get the children's Bible out of the drawer for our after dinner devotions. He got it out but forgot to close the drawer. So I said, "Ryan, please close the drawer". He did it... turned around... and then saluted me as if to say "yes Ma'am, right away ma'am!" Too too funny! Where does he pick this stuff up??

We're in the middle of another deep freeze here. I'm finding the cold weather to be very hard on me. I felt so much better in Florida - not as achy or sore. The boys have skiing again tonight but I'm worried about Ryan. Kurtis dresses up VERY warmly and has glove and foot warmers AND his class can move to the other side of the hill to get out of the wind. Ryan dresses warmly too, but he can't get out of the wind as he stays on the "magic carpet" hill. I'm going to try the glove and foot warmers with him - let's hope he goes for it! Ryan does NOT like hats, gloves, or other things along that line so I may have some trouble with the balaclava and the warmers. He also does not like wind in his face so it may be a short lesson! He's already missed the last two sessions (Florida and a bad cold) so I'd hate for him to miss more.


Ktty-21 boards said...

*giggles* how educational! I had to look up what a balaclava...or however you spell it was! hahahhaaa

Tara Marie said...

Too cute, Sir Ryan.....I can just picture him now!

Thinking of you. I hope the glove and boot warmers work wonders for Ryan as I just love the fact that he loves to ski!