Sunday, August 17, 2008

And We're Back...

We have returned from our two weeks at the cottage. Sun, sand, rain, friends. Good for the heart and soul.
The first week we spent with our friends. We had seven cottages filled with friends. The 17 kids had a great time together playing, boating, tubing, swimming and making s'mores.

The second week Tom and the boys, Dad and Menny and another couple that are longtime friends of theirs came up. Steve's parents also came for 3 days.
I have to admit I have been dreading this week since the registration form came in January. I would have liked to skip this week if I could. Last year was difficult as we adjusted to Mom not being there. This year, I knew it would be even more difficult to experience that again, plus the huge hole of Annette's absence. It was a week full of difficult moments of missing and remembering, thinking back on past years both wonderful (when the kids were younger and everyone was healthy) to harder summers (last year and the year before, when health issues were paramount for Mom and Annette). I think we all had our own moments this week.

BUT we move on. It is especially important for the kids I think, to have this very fun and special part of their childhood continue. Kurtis said at one point, "I just love, love, love the cottage!" And that made it all worth it.

We also had a lot of fun the second week, tubing, fishing, playing, building sandcastles, reading, eating s'mores. The kids learned the game of (Spongebob) Monopoly and became obsessed by it (the game lasted most of the week!) It was good to be together as a family and enjoy each other and God's wonderful creation!

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Mauzy said...

It must have been difficult, and I am sure still will be for some time, if not forever.

thinking of you.....and the boys and Tom.