Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life in Boxes...

Someone tell me again why I thought moving would be a good idea? Moving the same week/day as Dad and Menny? Moving the same month as the wedding, 2 week vacation, beginning of school? Ah... the fleeting moments of stupidity...

We have been busy going to the bank, packing boxes, seeing lawyers, recycling a TON of unwanted stuff, trying to help Dad pack a little here and there, preparing for a vacation and wedding... I'm sure you're getting the picture. If my camera were working, I'd add a snappy little picture of our or Dad's boxes. It's a sight to see.

It's also a sigh to see. Change is good. Change is hard. I've been doing a lot of sighing lately. Sighing over the mountain of work that awaits us. Sighing over the work that awaits Dad and Menny separately and together. Sighing over the money it costs to move. Sighing that I have no patience or time for my kids right now. Sighing over where all this stuff came from!

But my biggest sighs come from being in Dad's house the last little while. This was the only house I lived in as a child. Dad and Mom had had it for 40ish years.I'll admit, it ain't been easy. Emptying my first little bedroom where my earliest memories are. This same room that Mom spent her last days in. Seeing the bathtub and recalling the picture of 5 year old Annette was holding 6 month old Lisa. Picturing the basement before renos where I learned to rollerskate, played hopscotch and school, made forts. Packing up the records that Annette and I sang and danced to. Every nook and cranny has memories, almost all happy ones.

I know I take the memories with me. They are in my heart and not in the house. But it is an emotional change. It is a good change, but still a difficult adjustment. I wonder how I will feel to see a new family in the house in two weeks. I hope they love it as much as we did. Don't worry, I think this is a great move for Dad and am very happy for him. I will be OK. I'm getting used to change (not really). But please excuse my sighs for now.

(And let's not talk about leaving our house for the last time yet...)


Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa, What a month!!!! My head's in a whirl just thinking of it all. (Groan!) Sounds like you've got it all covered. But, you know you'll get it done. We'll be praying for you on this end.
Love, Alice

Nicole said...

That is very hard. Hugs honey. You are blessed that you have almost all happy memories. That says so much. Hugs to you honey!

Mauzy said...

oh memories.....I will sigh along with you.

Hope you are moved and settling in!