Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Canadian, eh!

The hour is late. The snow has flown ALL day today. The snowblower went for 2 hours to clear the driveway and the rink. The kids are dying to go back on the ice tonight. The kids' parents are trying to talk them out of it until tomorrow, saying "It's too late." " Dad will have to shovel again".

To which Sara replies,

"Come on, Dad, you're Canadian, eh?"

We laughed.

And they skated.


Anonymous said...

You've got snow and we are getting Chinooks. (read 'WIND'!!!)Aren't you glad you live in Canada! Me too.HAppy skating.... and shovelling. :)
The Albertans

Lisa said...

This is so cool Lisa!! WOW what wonderful memories for your kids and what a great dad they have!! I love it!!

Lisa, Jamies Mom