Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Ice Rink Part Deux

Watching Daddy work outside...
The ice rink in progress...

Steve is bound and determined to make his own ice rink in the yard for the kids. We have talked about it for a few years. Now that we have moved, we have a nice, flat(ish) level front yard.

Over the Christmas holidays, he laid out the plastic and watered and watered. Countless hours outside over several days. Gallons of water (and that ain't cheap no more these days!).

Then a warming trend that lasted well over a week. So much for that.

The forecast now calls for cold weather for over a week.

Out come the hoses again. But first the plumbing had to be fixed after an elbow broke (you know, you have to move the outside taps AND add a hot water line to the outside taps because that's what you need to make an ice-rink). THEN out came the hoses, after the snow was leveled and a good base made.


More Water.

More Water.

Please cross your fingers for dear Steve. I'll let you know what happens...


Anonymous said...

otherwise, you can come and skate on our pool - it's one of the old cement ones - no vinyl liner so we just lower the water level and then voila - its a rink :) Perhaps Steve should consider a pool this summer...
Rachel :)

Anonymous said...

No excuses anymore. Perfect weather for rink making today. BRRRR! I hope the kids appreciate the work that Steve is doing :)