Friday, April 17, 2009

~~Happy Birthday, Kurtis~~

Kurtis is hitting the double digits today. That's hard for us "older folk" to believe.
Birthdays are a time for joy and reflection. Of course we can't celebrate the gift of Kurtis without remembering Annette on this special day.
Here is a part of Annette's note to Kurtis 2 years ago, on his 8th birthday.
"Happy birthday my love! You are an amazing kid and we'll always remember your birth day as one of the two most special days in our lives! Love your Mom and Dad"

And here is a beautiful picture of Mother's Day, almost 2 years ago:

Your mom LOVED your creative, mechanical mind. She loved to brag to anyone about all the creative things you thought up. Here's another post she wrote about you:

Life with Creative Kurtis
This kid continues to amaze me with his creativity. This is a "device" he made the other day. The base is a motor that spins around. This is from his K'nex sets. He then attached a K'nex straw to it. At the very end, he had wire attached to a butterfly (fake, obviously) that he found. He secured the whole thing to the ceiling with tape. Once turned on, the butterfly spun around and around. He made it especially for me.

Happy Birthday, buddy! We hope your day will be filled with fun memories, good times and friends and family. We'll post some pictures after we come back from your party.

We love you!


Lisa said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Kurtis!

Anonymous said...

From, Meg, Max, John, and Jen
See you soon.......

Shawn said...

Happy belated Birthday Kurtis!
Your pal Jake also had his 10th bday party at a Laser tag place in Ohio! Great minds think alike! Hard to believe you are 10 already!
Shawn, Jake and Kaitlyn

Mauzy said...

ah, tears well up as I remember Annettes post about Kurtis' creativity so well.

Happy birthday Kurtis!