Tuesday, May 09, 2006

#3 Down and ramblings of the day

I finally made it in to the hospital last Wednesday night. It actually went relatively fast - I guess that's because I slept most of the time! The anti-nausea drugs knock me out. They don't just make me drowsy or a little bit tired, they put me to sleep. So I just went with the flow and slept. The first two times it really bothered me as I felt I was wasting so much time. I had books and magazines to read, movies to watch, journals to write in... and I didn't do anything. For someone who is used to being busy, 2 1/2 days of nothingness is just not acceptable! This time I just realized nothing much is going to happen during those 2-3 days of chemo other than sleep and have learned to accept it. I slept, prayed and watched a bit of TV. I've also discovered the secrets of the kitchen on the oncology floor so I'm also giving up on the hospital food and instead made myself toast and drank apple juice (it's what I live on for about 3 days after chemo). Not that I've ever actually eaten a meal delivered by the hospital staff - it usually just sits in my room and gets removed untouched as food wasn't ever desirable. But this time, probably due to the increase in anti-nausea drugs, the thought of toast was OK.

I'm getting to know the nurses on the floor relatively well now... they are a wonderful bunch and are quite compassionate, caring and eager to help. If only they still gave backrubs!

Today was a "good energy" day. I went for a good walk in the morning. The colours of all the flowers and blossoms were so amazingly beautiful and the birds were music to my ears. I forced myself to keep to a good pace and forced myself to walk just a bit more than the last time I walked. Then off to the mall to run some errands and buy the kids some summer clothes.... indulged in a moccaccino... and enjoyed a quick lunch with Tom. Then another indulgence - my every 3 weeks massage. Ryan rode his bike in the afternoon and Kurtis went on the go-cart. Not a bad day, eh? We love spring and summer!


Anonymous said...

Annette, you are amazing, with what you are going through, you sound so up with life. I am sure this will help you in fighting this disease. I have been checking your blog every day, don't ever say you're not a writer because this site tells a different story.
You and your family are in our prayers and perhaps sleep is a good way to get through those bad days. Aunt Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Annette I am glad that you are feeling better Why not sleep when you have the chance Take care Love Mom

Tara Marie said...

Sounds like a great day....especially the massage and moccacino,,,oh and lunch with your honey, and being with your boys....sounds just perfect to me!!!! ;0)

Chris (Ariana's Mom) said...

I am so, so glad to hear you are well with another treatment behind you- yeah! Personally, I would just say that the massage and moccacino are a critical part of your treatment and leave the guilt behind! :) Take care.

Mauzy said...

one more down! glad it went relatively well, and got a card for you today I will send off tomorrow.