Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yeah - we have a babysitter!

I have been worried about what we're going "to do" with the boys over the summer. I'm not able to take care of them every day... day in-day out... Right now, a few hours at a time is about all I'm physically able to handle. Tom's Mom is around too, but it's really not fair to her to ask her to take care of them more than once a week either. I emailed a few friends a couple of months ago asking if they knew of any teenagers who were available for babysitting/mother's helper work. I prayed that the right person would be found. Well, our prayer was answered... we have Kathy!

She's the daugher of a friend of a friend...and the only person that was brought to my attention. I must admit, though, that once I heard about her, I stopped actively looking as I thought she would be perfect for the job. And she seems to be! She's worked with a lot of children, including a child with Down syndrome and a child with autism. She's also working on her ECE (early childhood education) diploma so she has lots of ideas of things to do with the kids. She's done volunteer work at the Camp that Kurtis and Ryan are going to for one week (Sunrise Therapeutic Riding Centre - it's geared to children with special needs, but their camps accept children of all abilities and needs) so she'll be able to easily be his one-on-one for that Camp! Best of all, with her experience, she'll be able to help me continue to work with Ryan towards his goals so that he'll be well prepared for kindergarten in the fall.

We met with her tonight and she's hired! I think it'll be a good fit.


Michelle said...

Oh that's wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that your prayers were answered and this is something you won't have to worry about anymore. She sounds perfect for the job!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful newsThat makes me feel better too.You know how Mom;s are They worry about stuff Love Mom

Anonymous said...

She sounds wonderful! Can't wait to meet her. Can I drop off my kids too??? *wink*


Tara Marie said...

This is wonderful news....yeah Kathy,,,and I can't wait to hear all the adventures Ryan and Kurtis will have with their new sitter. I'm also so glad you will be able to rest knowing the boys are being well cared for!