Sunday, December 17, 2006

...too soon.

I spoke too soon, that is. How I wish I could figure this chemo out - it's been extremely frustrating, to say the least. Last time I posted, I was feeling OK. But the days since have been up and down... I don't know why the nausea is lingering so long. I wonder if it's something I'm eating or perhaps something (some nutrient, vitamin or mineral) that I'm missing? Or is it just that the chemo is lingering longer in my body? I had a substitute doctor last visit and he wasn't any help when I mentioned that I felt sick for so long. Thank goodness I get an extra week off during the Christmas holidays so I can regain my strength!

Anyways,,, enough about that. I want to share about my on-line friend, Nicole. I have mentioned her before. She has a daughter with T21 - which is how I met her. She is also blessed with 3 other daughters and a wonderful husband. Very recently, a family in her area had a baby girl born with Down syndrome. This family feels unable to care for this little girl and will be giving her up for adoption. After a lot of prayer and deep consideration, it appears Nicole and her husband will be adopting this little one. I am so so happy for them. Since I have known Nicole (5.5 years ago!), she has talked about perhaps adopting another child with T21 "someday". Well, it appears that someday is here. You can read more about it on Nicole's blog:


Anonymous said...

Hey, Annette. My thoughts and prayers remain with you this day, and with your friend Nicole.


Anonymous said...

Dear Annette
Sorry to hear things are no so well for you at this time. We continue to uphold you in our prayers daily. Love P&S

Mauzy said...

Oh Annette, I was so hoping you would continue on the "feeling good Willis" path! You rest honey, and relax with family this holiday season!