Monday, January 22, 2007

Scan results

so I got a quick call from a nurse about my CT scan results. It's just not the same as talking to the doctor so I won't find out the details until my next appointment in February but... basically, the scan shows no change. Again.

The good news is that once again there is no growth. The frustrating thing is that there is no reduction. All we're doing right now is holding this beast at bay, not destroying it. I'm trying not to let this get me down and focus on the good news.

The other news is that my doctor has agreed to move to a 4 week cycle (instead of 3). This will give me more time to recover after chemo, instead of the 7 days or so I was getting. This will allow me to gain more strength and energy and build up my blood as well. We're going to obviously keep an eye on this.... if the 4 week cycle causes the chemo to work less effectively, we won't do this.

And one more piece of "good" news (I guess...) - there's another clinical trial coming down the pipeline. It should be available in the middle of 2007. So in the event this chemo stops working, we do have something else to try.

So I continue to ask for your prayers. I need this chemo to start reducing the tumor size. I need to have the 4 week cycle work. I need to gain strength and energy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Annette, Just checked into your blog at John & Anita's. So glad to hear you will have abit more time to recuperate. We will keep you in our prayers.
Alice... and Anita

Kitty said...

Oh Annette, I so hope and prayed this time that the tumour would shrink but I guess I'll take the no growth. Hugs..we're thinking of you! Kitty & Nathanael

Michelle said...

continuing to keep you in my prayers! Sorry it didn't shrink, but I'm glad to hear it didn't grow any either!

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you.I can't imagine how frustrating this road is for you, but it's only a bump, right? Thanks for giving specifics on what you need us to pray for. Sometimes it seems so repeatative and I don't want to lose the sincerity of the pray. The 4 week cycle sounds much better for living!!
Lots of Love, Coby

Monica said...

Annette - Mikey and I hold you in our prayers often. I know I don't get a chance to post that much but wanted to let you know that your name comes up often as we cuddle together before bed to say our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the tumour has not grown but still frustrating. You and your family are always in our prayers. I know you are busy getting ready for your trip. Your boys will love it. Enjoy!!!


Chris (Nana's mom) said...

No growth IS good news in my book :) Those cancer cells are trying so hard to grow and you're not letting them. Maybe it'll be another drug down the line that gets rid of it for good, but for now, this isn't bad. :)

Tara Marie said...

Annette, I've been praying that you will beat this monster down, but holding is good too....and I pray that the next round can start to slay this dragon.

I hope that you can go the four weeks, as gathing strength is what you need. So, please know I will be praying real hard for this extended cycle to work.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers, and I love you dearly.

Peace and love, TM

Nicole said...

Praying for time to recuperate and for time to beat it. I love you honey and you are in my prayers daily. Nicole

mum2brady said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Annette. I was so hoping the tumor would shrink, but I am grateful there is no new growth... Praying that this, or the new treatment will be the answer. You are in my prayers!


Tammy and Parker said...


You are ALWAYS in our prayers. We will continue to pray that the beast is getting too weak to fight and that you will soon be kicking its' butt!

I hold great store by clinical trials. The last one my brother in law participated in has kept has brought his numbers down to normal.