Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beautiful St. Lucia

So, I know it's been quiet the past week and a half or so. That's because Tom and I just spent a week in beautiful St. Lucia and we got back on Monday night.

What a gorgeous place St. Lucia is. It's very mountainous and full of lush, green vegetation. We spent the week at a Sandals resort there. It's the first time I've stayed at a Sandals resort, and now I highly recommend them. The staff was helpful, courteous and friendly - all making for a very pleasant stay. We had requested a room on the ground floor - which we received - so I didn't have to do too many stairs. The food was generally pretty good too. In particular, we really enjoyed the Italian restaurant and ate there twice. I didn't do too much during the week.... a lot of sitting by the pool (out of the sun so I wouldn't get burned) and reading. We had a short spin on a Hobie Cat and a short spin on a jet ski. Tom got in two 9-hole rounds of golf. There was a golf course attached to our resort so the green fees were free (altho you had to pay a very small amount for the mandatory caddy). I did manage to squeeze in a massage and a facial in the spa there. It was amazing - I felt like a big bowl of jello after that! One of the highlights of the trip was going to a cricket match. The World Cup of Cricket is going on right now in the West Indies and on Thursday, Canada was playing New Zealand. The hotel was good enough to help us get tickets and a driver to take us there. Tom learned a lot about cricket before we left and while we were there by reading and watching the games, so he was able to help me understand the game. The games in the World Cup are restricted to one day (from about 9:30 am to 5:30 pm) but we thought even that was too long so we showed up around noon and left at 4:30 pm when it because obvious that Canada was not going to win. The Canadian team was the underdog but when they first came to bat, we were beginning to hope for an upset! Unfortunately, they were unable to sustain that momentum and eventually lost.

And now it's back to real life again. The kids are, of course, glad to have us back and we're glad to see them again.

The Cricket Match and some beautiful girls at the cricket match. Apparently, the World Cup of Cricket is such a big deal that all the schools have class trips to see a match. And it's so cool to see because all the schools have uniforms and they are all so colourful.

A typical roadside view:

The bananas (the chief crop of St. Lucia) are grown in blue bags to keep them from ripening.

The golf course:

Enjoying a beverage while watching the beautiful sunset:


Anonymous said...

Annette, what beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a relaxing time. I'm so glad. We continue to surround you in prayer.
Alice ...and family

Tara Marie said...

Looks like it was such a wonderful vacation...I'm so glad you got to go.

All my love, TM

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a good time. I'm jealous of the sand and sun. You look beautiful and it sure looks like you enjoyed yourselves.
Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Wow!! So glad you hear you both went out for a week!!! and you both look just great. Indeed now it's back to realilty, may God grant you both peace of mind and strength for the each day. Love P&S

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you guys got to do that! We did a Sandals for the first time in Nov and loved it as well! :) HUGS, You look beautiful!

mum2brady said...

Annette - LOVE the pics! Looks like such a wonderful and relaxing week! So glad you had the chance to go!!