Thursday, September 06, 2007

Much better now, thank you...

I received a call yesterday from someone at the school. This person had been involved in the "allocation" of students to classes. We had a great, frank and open talk about my concerns and why they did things the way they did. I feel so much better after that conversation. She took my point about keeping parents informed about how curriculum is being met by including this in the monthly newsletter and will be asking the teachers to do that. I was actually impressed with the thought that was put into the allocation of students to the various classes. And some of the reasons for why Kurtis was put in the class he was were entirely true (I did say we had a frank and open conversation! LOL) I'm still concerned about something but as I said before, we'll just have to wait and see how it develops - she did note my concern on that as well and we'll probably chat about it throughout the school year.

And.. as for the reason for Ryan having two aides.... that was also for a very valid reason and after hearing the reason, I just couldn't argue with it! Anyone who knows Ryan knows that he is a very busy boy... and requires a lot of energy to be with. So, they didn't think it was fair that one EA had Ryan for the entire day while some other EAs had a very "easy" child. The EA we had over the past two years was a bundle of energy and apparently could handle Ryan for the entire day - but not all people can. So, I really couldn't argue with that logic as I know all too well how busy Ryan is - that's the reason he needs an EA. Ryan gets distracted very easily and just has a TON of energy and doesn't sit still very well. So far I've been very impressed with the dedication of the two EAs that Ryan has... I mentioned something to one of them and the next thing I knew, it had already been addressed and the supplies brought to the classroom!

So, after all that, I'm feeling much better. There's still going to be a lot of work between both kids, but I think we can manage it. That glass is looking a bit fuller now! :)


Kei said...

So glad your mind is at ease.
Fill the glass with wine & take a sip!

Kris said...

Oh so glad things are looking better! That worry stuff, makes us crazy eh? Hugs to you,

Gary said...

I'm glad the school was able to explain things and put you at ease. Nick started Grade 1 this week and I realized that what seems like chaos was in fact extremely planned.
Thinking of you often,

Mauzy said...

A mind at ease, what a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

Annette if you call me I can give you some info on IEP's


Anonymous said...

School is always a stress for all of us. I'm glad things are working out. The school is showing you what a wonderful and energetic mother you are, as there is only one of you for Ryan ... and Kurtis!!! (as opposed to 2 EAs)

Annette said...

Dear Anonymous (last one): No kidding, eh?? They have him for 6 hours... I get him for the other 18. And on holidays and weekends, all 24! Not surprising i rely on the TV a bit too much. ;)

And Craig, thanks for the offer. I just might take you up on that! We'll see ... the IEP work starts in the next two weeks or so.