Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Worry, worry.... WHY?

I was so worried about school starting today that I had some trouble sleeping last night (which is very unusual for me). I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm a bit of a pessimist as I was envisioning all the bad things - and not even thinking of the good.

The reason I was worried was because Kurtis was placed in the one class I DIDN'T want him in. He was placed in the 2/3 split (he's in grade 3). There are a number of reasons I didn't want him in this 2/3 split - the primary one's being that I was worried about him not getting adequate coverage of the grade 3 curriculum and being bored by being with grade 2's and "doing" grade 2 work again.

Then when we arrived, things got even worse (according to me):
- Kurtis's class ended up with two teachers - one in the morning and one in the afternoon
- there are only 5 other grade 3's in Kurtis's class
- Ryan has two EA's (educational assistants) - one for the morning and one for the afternoon

Well, after talking to a few parents AND talking to Kurtis, who did enjoy his first day, I have a feeling things will be OK.

The two teachers that Kurtis has are both highly respected and liked. They'll be each teaching different subjects so there's no worry about overlapping there. And, as my sister pointed out, the second teacher will likely have more energy and enthusiasm as she didn't teach in the morning. And since grade 3 is a testing year (for the government), the teachers will have to stick to and teach the curriculum. There are a few other things I am concerned about, but we'll have to keep an eye on those and see how things develop. In any event, Kurtis told me he had a good day, so that's a great sign.

And I'm still not thrilled with Ryan having two EAs. Ryan tests every new person he meets and knows exactly how to do this! So, he really needs consistent discipline and every new person he interacts with decreases that consistency. It also means I have to work with two EA's instead of one - more work for me! I know they are both wonderful EAs - I just wish we had one of them for the whole day! I doubt things will change so we'll just have to work together closely - perhaps setting up monthly meetings to discuss how things are going.

So...my mind is alot lighter now. I'll have to keep working on the glass 1/2 full thing!


Clare said...

Oh boy do I know how you feel! Russell started high school yesterday but today is his first full day and I'm a wreck. A total wreck. I tossed and turned all night because I remembered I had forgotten to cover off one transition during the day. He's attending a high school with a thousand kids and his first two classes are with the general population without EA support (although they are there if he needs them, just not assigned to him). I'm happy for his independence but not completely at ease!

I think your concerns are valid, but unfortunately these are the conditions we often have to work with. It will take longer for Ryan to "break in" his two EAs, but then there will be two people who understand his needs. I'm no fan of splits either, especially when my child is in the higher grade but I actually like the two teacher scenario for the same reasons you mentioned. Best of luck to you all!

Lisa said...

I'm trying to think positive about the two aides too. It might be a good thing to have a fresh one in the afternoon as well. I think it will just be up to you to push a little to make sure they are communicating and learning from each other what works with Ryan.

HUGS! and I have been imagining with you often and praying with you daily!

Kei said...

The 2 EA issue may work out for the best. It will keep him from being reliant on only 1 person, so if that person was out sick, and he might be completely resisitant to a sub. If he's got 2 EAs and one was sick, he might be able to transisition to a sub easier.

I was no fan of split classes either, but one (maybe 2) of my older kids experienced it (way too many years ago for me to think about) and it did work out very well. However, one year recently the entire school went to split classes and the next year they decided the single grade classroom worked best after all.

The glass is always full! 1/2 water & 1/2 wishes!

Me said...

I can sorta relate to the school anxiety myself...I'm freaking out about Kaia starting JK, and it's a full year away still!! I'm sure I'll be picking your brain about things next year.

I'm glad you're feeling better about things. I too am a little leary about split classes. I hope all continues to go well for both Ryan and Kurtis.