Monday, October 15, 2007

Wow - what a weekend

This past weekend, we travelled to Indiana to visit with my on-line friends from the Down syndrome community. These are the same friends we visited in late February. However, this time there were a lot more and I got to meet a few "new" people. I was so thrilled to meet Rhonda, Stephanie and her daughter Katie, Beth and her son Patrick and many others. I'll be posting some more pictures and writing more about it over the next few days, but here's a bit about what happened.
It was so amazing to connect again with people I've met before and soooo wonderful to meet people I've only known on-line for 6.5 years. It's really hard to explain to people outside of this type of environment, but it's not like meeting someone for the first time. You've shared the ups and downs, challenges and achievements of raising a child with Down syndrome. You've shared incredible highs and cried tears with them. So, this weekend was a real treat for me and I feel so rejuvenated now. I was worried about the long drive and how I would feel, but I think I was blessed with energy and feeling good throughout the whole weekend (drive back included).
The weekend included the Indiana Buddy Walk on Saturday, a get-together on Saturday afternoon/evening with the whole internet gang (and it was a large gang - wait until you see the picture tomorrow) that included a bounce'around (the best toy in the world according to my boys) and a hayride with a visit to a farm that had some very interesting animals! So, for now, here are 2 pictures (it was taking a LONG time for me to find, edit and save the other pictures, so like I mentioned before, that'll have to wait until tomorow).
Ryan just can't resist a dog

Ryan, Nicole and William


Me said...

That first picture of Ryan is awesome! Glad you had a great time. I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Sean and I so look forward to your adventures in pictures.

And yes you don't have to explain anything really to someone who shares the same challanges and blessings as you do. What a treat.
No allowances need to be made.

You are a very fortunate family to have met such quality people who have over time become family friends.

Take care and keep sending those pictures along.

luvmypeanut said...

It was wonderful to meet you all! Ryan is a doll (I loved his secrets!).

I wish we could have spent more time talking, but boy the kids were on the run non-stop!

Until we meet again!!! (((HUGS)))

Kris said...

So glad you had an energetic time!!! I can't wait to see the pics. Missing you!