Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mike's Miracles

Cancer has long reaching, ugly tentacles. No one is spared it touching a life close to them, at some point, at some time.

God has longer reaching, beautiful arms. He wraps us in arms and brings good things from the bad.

I'd like you to meet a very special guy named Mike. Many of you are familiar with his story already. Mike is a 12 year old boy who attends our church and is a student at the school I teach at. He unfortunately has a very rare, aggressive sarcoma (Annette also had sarcoma) and right now is discontinuing treatment. Yet in his most difficult times, he has the foresight to think of others. Future patients who might be in his shoes some day. He has displayed the greatest grace in taking this ugly tentacle and turning it into something for God's glory. I know Annette was often encouraged in her own journey by hearing about Mike's tenacity. Read more about his legacy here and see a video clip of Mike on the local news here.

Mike, you are an example for us all. We are encouraged and inspired by your story.


Nicole said...

Oh Lisa, I can not imagine. My family will be praying for Mike. Hugs honey.

e said...

this past year has been an amazing eye opener for me regarding cancer....the amount of wonderful lives destroyed by the disease has UNBELIEVABLE!

it is devistating that the beast does not even respect the lives of little children and their mommies.

I'm e, mom to molly kate,7 DS

I just wanted to stop in and tell you that your whole family continues to be on our prayer list, and to keep posting up about ryan! Molly will be 8 in june.

She truely is a wonder...balanced with a touch of 'skunk' and my prayers spill out for your little one, that the adjustment is going well, and that all of you get to be happy!

all our love,

e & molly kate