Friday, July 11, 2008

R and R

Where does the time go???

July has been a fabulous month of rest and relaxation and catch up. It has been a time for me to catch up on house responsibilities-fastracked because we had to put our house up for sale. What normally would take me 6 weeks, I accomplished in 2 due to the "For Sale" sign on the front lawn. Plus, our house is now in magazine style neatness. I think we should permanently have our house for sale if it means it will stay as neat and clean as it is now.

We have done a ton of decluttering. Let me tell you, this is good for the body and soul! Getting rid of and releasing all that "stuff" that literally weighs you down is so liberating! You know, the jolly jumper, baby toys, old bikes, (the kids are now 6 and 9), textbooks and on and on, all that stuff that really makes you feel some stress. It is so great to have empty shelves, an empty basement, empty closets (OK so Steve's sister's basement is half full of our boxes, but still!) I really hope to keep our clutter in check in our new house. (Somehow it just regenerates itself though.... how does that happen??) (

Dad and Menny have both tentatively sold their houses, but will each need to be out in a few weeks. Good thing they have a motorhome for one of them and relatives who like them!! Hopefully it won't be too crazy! We have had some showings but no bites yet.

Kurtis is away at camp for 10 days. I worry about him being away from home, but Tom says he was fine when he left, he has some buddies he knows and thinks he'll be OK. Say a prayer for him that he's enjoying himself. The nanny hasn't arrived yet, but Tom has been able to patch some help together. Ryan is going to camp this week (horseback riding?) and hopefully is enjoying it too. There's not much that kid doesn't enjoy! I'm looking forward to having the boys down next weekend while the guys go golfing. It will be great to see them again since it's been several weeks.
Thanks for checking on us!

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Nicole said...

Congrats on the sale of the houses. And I hope you had fun with those boys! Give them hugs from Kentucky please. Much love, Nicole