Friday, February 06, 2009

One Up... Another Down

Well, Connor recovered enough to make it back to school today...but then Sara was not feeling well this morning.

After much convincing (she really wanted to go to school as she had a fun sleepover planned and really wanted to go) she agreed to stay at Opa's ("..even though I'm not sick, just tired...). She is really feeling it tonight. Poor thing.

And Connor put himself to bed at 6:30 with his clothes on. He was asleep at 6:45 with all the lights on.

I think it's going to be a long weekend... *sigh*

PS: I won't tell on Opa that he took Sara to McDonald's for lunch because she was feeling significantly better at the time. Oh, the things Opas can get away with!!

PPS:I jokingly asked Sara if I could put a picture of her being sick on the blog. She said, "OK". Never one to miss the spotlight, that girl!

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Mauzy said...

wow, hope everyone is well soon! Any plans for Ryan's birthday? I will send a card, but I always think of Ryan this month as his birthday is the same month as Nash's. One year we all celebrated together; Nash, Ryan and Tarenne....thinking of you and Annette always.