Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes, it really is!

We went to visit Ryan for his birthday on Sunday (his birthday is coming up on Thursday, more about that then). Tom works with the neighbours to make and maintain an icerink at their local park. If you know and love Tom, then you know that he doesn't do some things like the other 95% of us do!

Shovelling the rink is way to much work for a busy dad so a few years ago Tom got a (drumroll please...)

Of course, what else but his very own Zamboni! Now, Tom has become quite famous because of this, even having his picture published in the Toronto Sun a few years back. He even McGuyvered a seat (complete with seatbelt) for a co-pilot. I think sometime soon he will be featured on Pimp My Ride!

So the kids received a ride on Sunday. What more could a kid ask for!

Thanks, Tom, for always keeping our life interesting!


Anonymous said...

We are going to have the 'Zamboni' experience this Saturday....very exciting!! We can't wait to see Tom and the boys and have a skate as well...looking forward to it...

Jen and John

Mauzy said...

I have always loved the Zamboni pics, and stories, from Annette, and now you to carry on.

Tara Marie said...

Me too......I tell everyone that my friend Annette's husband bought a Zamboni and they laugh and say 'no way'.

Love the pictures....what fun!!!