Friday, August 04, 2006

More prayer's been a tough week.

My heart is heavy right now with so much illness and stress, so I ask your prayers and positive thoughts for healing, for comfort, for peace and for hope.

1. My Mom found out this past week that she is going to need dialysis on a regular basis. Although it is manageable, it is another thing to deal with. Mom, please know I keep you in my heart and my prayers daily. I love you! We can handle this together and we'll all do whatever we can to help.

2. Our good friend "G" had a stroke this past week. We are thankful that it has "just" affected one side of her body and that she is fine cognitively. We pray that she will be able to return to full health soon and that she can return home to her family. She has young children as well so we pray that the kids will be OK as they deal with their Mom being in hospital for at least another week.

3. I had chemo again yesterday and am feeling pretty good, all things considered... just tired. Last week really wiped me out but I think I was fighting an infection. I saw my nutritionist today and I'm upping one of my supplements to deal with the mild anemia I'm experiencing.

4. Kurtis has been sick on and off since Tuesday. This is my healthy boy who very, very rarely gets sick. If he's still running a fever tomorrow, I'll have to get Tom to take him to the walk-in clinic. It's tough on both of us as I want to comfort Kurtis, but I have to be very careful as I can't risk getting sick. So no kisses, no close snuggling - just hugs. He understands, but when you're little and sick, you just want your Mommy, don't you?

5. A good on-line friend, "S", had her Mom lose her battle to cancer. S, you know I keep your family in our prayers. Although your Mom is released from her pain, it leaves a huge hole in your life and we pray for comfort for you.


Tara Marie said...

Annette.....sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way. I know Kurtis will understand, although you know that he will be missing your snuggles, as a Momma's snuggles are the best medicine in the whole world.

Sending healing thoughts to all of your friends that need them. This has been a very difficult summer for so many....may the coming fall bring health and comfort to all.

Peace and love, TM

Tammy and Parker said...


I want you to know that we have kept you in our prayers every night. I believe in the power of prayer and know the miracles it can bring.

Would it be okay with you if I added you to my blogroll?

Christie's Corner said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're dealing with so much. It always seems to come at once.

Sending you germ-free cyber hugs. Feel free to send Kurtis over if he needs more real ones (although nothing can come close to replacing Mom hugs.)

You are in our thoughts and prayers as always. Don't hesitate to call if you need anything.

Charmian and Andrew

Michelle said...

There is so much going on for you right now...will be praying for your mom and your friends who are also struggling with their own health issues.

Sorry Kurtis is sick; I hope he's feeling better soon. I'm sure it's hard on you not being able to comfort him with lots of snuggles and kisses.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Shannon said...

Hey Annette -

Thinking of you and sending you lots of prayers and hugs.

Shannon and family

mum2brady said...

Annette - thinking of you and sending prayers to your friends and family! I hope Kurtis is feeling better sooo soon!

Hugs and prayers being sent your way!

Tara Marie said...

Heading off to bed, but wanted to tell you that Miss Emma Sage said a prayer for 'nette' this evening, as did her Momma. I hope you had a good weekend and my this up coming week bring strength and good health and sweet hugs and kisses from your two young boys!

Mauzy said...

Always thinking of double prayers go out for you today, along with some for your mom! Hope you are feeling strength you

Nicole said...

Oh Annette, so much going on right now. I love you and am praying for you daily and will print off and add your other prayer requests too. Nicole

Anonymous said...

Dear Annette, You sound so burdened-- as you truly are. We pray for you every day and will add TW and the others to our list. Love, Alice with Mark, Anneke and Tommy (Bert's on the combine but he will pray as well.)

Tara Marie said...

Just checking in with you and letting you know that you have been on my mind all day! The moon is glorious here tonight and I was out taking pictures and wondering if it is as brilliant at your house as it is here.