Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An apology from Q92

This one seems more heartfelt. I still don't think "Igor" gets it - and he probably never will.

Contact: Don Peterson, III
General Manager: WZKL/WDPN Radio
Station Apologizes for Radio Bit
ALLIANCE, STARK COUNTY, OHIO - September 1, 2006. Q92 Radio in the Canton, OH radio market has formally apologized for a contest “bit” called “Name that Tune with Mongoloid Mike”. The bit had a character voice lyrics to a popular song as if sung by a person of special needs. Listeners were invited to call in to “Name that Tune”.
“I apologize for the behavior of my on-air staff. The ‘bit’ that occurred was wrong and I am VERY sorry. It is reprehensible and will never happen again. My sincerest apology to ARC of Stark and all ARC affiliates worldwide. I would also like to apologize to the employees of the Stark MRDD, friends and associates. Also, to anyone directly or indirectly associated with anyone with a disability,” said Don Peterson, III, General Manager of the station.
Peterson continued, “We (Q92) aired an apology beginning at 7p Wednesday (8/30) evening that ran every hour and all day on Thursday. An apology appears on our web site www.q92radio.com and the DJ that aired the bit has been suspended and his pay scale has been adjusted accordingly.”
“Igor (the DJ airing the bit) is a very talented and valued employee, but this segment crossed the line. He is young and his future is bright. I know Igor has learned a very valuable lesson and obviously the segment will no longer be aired by the station,” said John Stewart, Program Director for the station.
“Plans have been put in place to partner with the Stark MRDD to better educate our listeners of the gifts people with disabilities have and how they contribute to our society. I am looking forward to that opportunity and on behalf of the station and our staff, I am sorry for any harm that came out of our broadcast facility,” Peterson concluded.

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