Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Summer 2006

Here are some other pictures from this past summer.

RibFest - our family tradition

Our visit to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

Kurtis being a Knight at the ROM

Kurtis's Rabbit Catcher. Our neighbours received 2 rabbits from their grandparents - unfortunately, they kept escaping from their hatch. The kids spent hours and hours catching (and re-catching) these bunnies. We did have an actual trap, but Kurtis had fun devising this one. His creativity never fails to amaze me.

Kathy and the boys

Ryan learned to swing all on his own this summer:

Pouty boy

I let Ryan eat his grilled cheese in front of the TV one day. Well, he decided he didn't have enough ketchup (he NEVER has enough ketchup) and went and got himself some more. Where was I in all of this?? Posting on my blog! :)

Tom and the boys


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Annette! I especially love the one of Ryan with the Ketchup and Cheese sandwich...way too funny!! Your boys are so smart and cute, I just love seeing pictures of them!! Thanks for sharing!


Tara Marie said...

Oh Annette, these pictures are wonderful and show a fun-filled summer. Kurtis looks like a true little knight it that photograph....and Ryan and his ketchup just cracks me up.....he and Emma Sage are a match made in heaven cause she loves her ketchup too! How cleaver your Kurtis is with his bunny trap.

Thinking of you.

Clare said...

Yep, love the one with Ryan and the ketchup. It's Russell to a T. I'm surprised you buy Heinz -- I've switched to No Name with the amount we go through!! :-)

Kris said...

Love the pics Annette - the ketchup one made me laugh - I love it!

Michelle said...

Looks like you've had a busy summer! Loved the Rabbit Catcher! And do you want some grilled cheese with that ketchup?! LOL

rnp said...

It looks like you have great fun!!! Wonderful photos.

Lisa Huckleberry said...

Annette- these pictures are just priceless!!! I am so happy that you guys have been able to share so many incredible moments together this summer! And Rib fest - who could miss that? Also, yes gotta just love the ketchup with a side of grilled cheese! How funny is he! At least he did it right and got it on the sandwich and not all over your couch! Just wanted you to know that I am still here thinking about you and praying for you!