Friday, September 29, 2006

How I love that boy of mine!

I seem to be talking a lot about Kurtis lately. Don't worry - more about Ryan will definitely follow!

Today is the Terry Fox Run at Kurtis's school (well, it's actually a short walk but it's the thought that counts). Instead of asking people for pledges, the children are asked to bring in a loonie or a toonie ($1 coin or $2 coin for those of you outside Canada). So I dug out my wallet last night to get each of my boys a toonie. Kurtis told me "No, I want to use my own money". I told him he didn't have to pay out of his own allowance, I would give him the money. But no, he insisted and after debating back and forth for a short while, I let him take the money out of his allowance. He reached in and grabbed $3..... He said he wanted to give a lot of money so they can do a lot of cancer research. I couldn't help but start crying...and told my little man how proud of him I was.


mum2brady said...

Wow - Kurtis - you are the man!!! What a great story Annette - you have a very special little boy!

Christina said...

What a great boy you have raised. You must be so proud of him!

Jennifer said...

Hi Annette,
How could your little boy be anything but a great kid with two wonderful role models as parents.
Both very giving people. Great kids just don't happen, they develop from wonderful parenting.

Thanks for showing us that giving is the greatest gift.

Kerri said...

Annette, this is better late than never, but we did the Terry Fox run in London a coupla weekends ago, and Joel was a bit fussy to get going, and I reminded him that you were sick and going through treatment, so we ran (walked :) for you!! YOU YOU YOU. Sending you lots of warm fuzzies and positive vibes.