Saturday, September 09, 2006

Our game plan

We saw "the sarcoma expert" at Mount Sinai in Toronto this past week. He's not yet convinced that we need to stop the chemotherapy I was just on. Of course he didn't receive copies of my CT scans so he doesn't know for sure (as he's just going by what the doctor wrote when she asked him to see me). I'm getting the CT scans to him on Monday so he can figure out if Plan B is still a viable option for me. If that isn't possible, then we do have a Plan C - a clinical trial drug. This isn't a totally new, experimental trial. There are no placebos - everybody who is in the trial receives the drug. They've already figured out dosages and schedules for administration. The side effects are similar to most chemotherapies and the good news (for me) is that nausea is again minimal.

The one thing I can't do while on this drug is take the i.v. vitamin C therapy. It's going to be an either-or situation. I'm very disappointed in this, but I do understand why. There are some concerns that the vitamin C may interfere with the chemo. AND,,, if we do see some successes, they wouldn't know what to attribute them to - vitamin C or chemo? Right now our decision is to stick with conventional chemotherapy.

That's all for now! I'm feeling more energetic than I have in weeks and I'm off tonight to enjoy some lobster at Lobsterfest!


Anonymous said...

Glad your energy is returning. And while I don't like Lobster, I do love a "fest" and wish I could join you. Hope you had a blast and still have butter dripping off your chin. I went out for an anniversary dinner with Mom, Dad and the kids (Steve's golfing) Go figure...LOL
Love ya bunches, Lisa

Kris said...

So glad plans are underway for you. I think of you everyday. Hope you enjoy Lobsterfest!!!!


Kris said...

So glad there is a plan! Thinking of you every day. I sure hope you enjoy Lobsterfest!
Hugs Kris

Anonymous said...

Good for you Annette & Tom
Enjoy that Lobster dinner!!!!! we continue to uphold your family in prayer!! Love P&S Nauta

Anonymous said...

Hi Annette
Although I am not much of a writer
I wanted to let you know that you and your family are thought of often . Enjoy your lobsterfest, good to hear that you are going to receive some treatment that won't cause too much nausea. Our prayers are with you all.
Love Aunt Ann

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have a good game plan! And as always, I will keep you in my prayers for this course of treatment to work! Glad to hear you are feeling more engergetic too!

Anonymous said...

I felt so positive reading this blog. I know God has the right plan for you. It sounds like the doc in Toronto is confident in caring for you.(That's great)I will continue to pray for a quick symtom free miracle.
Love, Coby

mum2brady said...

So happy that you have a plan in place, and I'm praying daily that it works. I hope the new drug will be successful and have few side-effects. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.....