Monday, May 28, 2007

Busy busy busy

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. It seems I'm trying to pack four weeks of "to do's" into two. I've been trying to get a bunch of things off my "to do list" and these past two weeks I've been FINALLY making a dent into it. Of course this means I don't have much time for blogging. On the good side...
- I've organized the children's spring/summer clothes and packed away the winter clothes.
- I've shopped and purchased new spring and summer clothes. As I tell Kurtis, "just stop growing already, would you?" Kurtis in particular always seems to need a new wardrobe every season as very little fits him from the previous year. And Ryan seems to have had a big growth spurt since last summer as he needed a lot of new clothes as well.
- We reorganized Kurtis's room as we bought him new bedroom furniture. Finally the child can sleep in a real bed instead of just on a mattress on the floor!
- I've finally got all my Disney pictures printed and into albums
- I've finally got all my other pictures (up to May) printed, although not yet into albums
- I've FINALLY cleaned out all the boys' clothes that were in boxes in the basement. The basement is looking a little emptier - yeah!
- I've organized all the "keepsakes" I've kept from Kurtis and Ryan over the years and now each child has their own "memory" bin. That took a while as I was going back 8 years and I couldn't help but look at the work they produced and read the journals from the babysitters and schools. I'm a bit of a packrat when it comes to sentimental things and memory joggers. I keep calendars, cards, select pieces of schoolwork, tickets to places we visit.
- I'm very proud of this.... I finally figured out how to use the software and I've produced DVD's of all our home digital videos. It took me a while to work my way through it but it's now all done up to April 2007!

I did also manage to have some fun as well... a few lunches with friends, a few dinners with friends, a night at a B&B with Tom while my sister and brother-in-law watched the kids, taking in Shrek 3 with my boys and eating far too much junk...

About the B&B.... apparently Tom and I are NOT B&B people. I felt awkward being in someone's house... a stranger's house... like I should be quiet and always whisper. And apparently I'm also a TV addict as I really missed my TV. Not that we couldn't go without it - we went to a movie that night after a wonderful dinner - but I do miss winding down for 10 minutes before I go to bed! Yup - we're definitely hotel people!

I'm heading in for chemo again tomorrow. Please pray that this one is easy and that it isn't so energy draining. Also pray that there is no anticipatory nausea - it was horrible last time. I hope to be blogging again in a week or so.


Anonymous said...

OK, now you can come and organize our clothes, pictures, video clips ... :-) I am praying for you this week.


Anonymous said...

WOOOOWWW and after all that still time to blog, woooow again!!! But it must be a great feeling to have this all cleaned up!!!we think of you often and pray for you always, may God surround you with His love as the time is here again for treatments. Love P&S

Anonymous said...

Okay... you win !! Holy cow!!I still can't tape a movie with our VCR, and have more photos scattered in envelopes than you can shake a stick at...Good for you!!
We are praying for you, especially for this round...thinking of you... Take care!! Jen and John

Tara Marie said...

Sounds like you got a lot checked off your 'to do' list!!! What a great feeling.

Thinking of you today as you head back for chemo and pray that you ride it out well, without too much sickness or tiredness.

Hugs, TM

Mauzy said...

Amazing woman you are, organizing...then heading to chemo! Hope it goes smoothly and as always, thinking of you....

Kris said...

Wow IMPRESSIVE!! I am amazed at your organization...want to come to my house??

Hope all goes well with chemo this time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annette, Impressive!! You've inspired me to keep on... sorting, dejunking, etc. We do so pray for a gentle round of chemo this time. Rest well.
Love, Alice, Marc (who should be in bed) and the rest of the family)

Chris (Nana's mom) said...

Only the best wishes for you, Annette. I wish I could a quarter of your to do list done in my house, lol :)