Thursday, May 24, 2007

Special Olympics

Ryan had his first Special Olympics Track & Field day yesterday. What a very special day it was (although a bit overwhelming for Ryan and his Mommy!) It was a beautiful warm day and the field was full of Special Olympians, peer supports, teachers and parents. Ryan competed in the Bean Bag Throw, the 50 m dash and the Obstacle Course. (Children age 5-7 participate in "alternative" events, not regular track & field events.) I'm so proud of my little guy - he got 1st in the 50 m dash, 2nd in the bean bag throw and 3rd in the Obstacle course.

Check out the 50 m dash - sorry the video is a bit wobbly at first, but it gets better

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Kris said...

I got tears just watching that. He is wonderful and such a great runner too.


Tammy and Parker said...

I LOVE it. I so hope one day Parker will be able to participate in such activities.

Christina said...

That is so coo. I wish they had something like that over here. Ryan looks happy to reach the finish line :-)

Anonymous said...

You go, Ryan!! You are such a speedy boy! Looks like you were happy to see Mom at the finish line.
Love, Sara and Aunt Lisa

Anonymous said...

look like he had fun

a reader

Nicole said...

How awesome!

Jeff Burke said...

YAY RYAN! You ran the 50m in under 13 seconds---did you know there was a timer? You rock, jock.