Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a horrible article...

...from the title to the very last punctuation mark.

Doomed from birth to death

Man, this makes my blood boil. I even debated about posting it on my blog as I did not want to give any more publicity to this article, but in the end, I knew I needed to. People need to know what kind of crap individuals with Down syndrome ae subjected to. Would they dare write an article about Canada's aborignal people being doomed because they are more likely to deal with diabetes? And how dare they consider that someone's life is "doomed" just because they have Down syndrome and "may be" more likely to get Alzheimer's? Apparently they've never met anyone with T21 or even spoken to someone on the phone as they would emphatically tell you quite differently.

As people with T21 are in a very real battle for their very existence right now, we don't need articles like this that only serve to encourage this horrible eugenics movement.

And this comes right on top of a friend letting me know that her child, all of 5 years of age, is being slotted into the "life skills" kindergarten by the school district - without anyone having met this child. (Now, just as an aside, I want to clarify that I am NOT against life skills classes for any child. I truly believe that each child should be able to be in the environment that helps her learn best. In this case, an integrated setting is the best environment for this child). Her school teacher, along with other individuals who know her, all say that a typical classroom would be the best environment for this child. My friend, unfortunately, is likely in for a battle with some bureaucracts who seem to have already made up their mind.

And.. while I'm on a rant... this follows closely another very, very dear friend of mine who is in a battle with her child's school, right here in Ontario, to have EA coverage for a full day when her son goes to grade 1 in September. Their suggestion is that she take him home for part of the day instead. This makes me so angry. Is this child not entitled to a full day of school like everyone else? Is he not entitled to learn? How is he going to maximize his potential when already he's being seen as a "lesser" individual?

So many battles to fight. But fight them we will. We owe it to people with T21 to help them live the best life possible. I firmly believe that we must stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. Every person deserves to live a full, happy life surrounded by people who love him in a community that supports him. And I will continue to fight for that goal for Ryan.

End of rant.


Shelley said...

Man - that was a scary article but the love family members so clearly felt for their sibling with DS and the love of life so evident in the person with DS prior to alzheimers was inspiring. I haven't lived with a loved one going through Alzheimers, I hope I never do but frankly and I guess it would have been nice if this was made clearer in the article - it can happen to anyone - it doesn't mean that the person they 'were' was a waste of time or even that the person they are now doesn't have a place in our community.

mum2brady said...

I really didn't like that article very much either Annette. To me, it's like saying, well, as soon as anyone gets alzheimers we should just put a bullet in their heads, cause afterall, their lives aren't worth living. It's painful for everyone to see people suffering from alzheimers, so I'm sure they'll be looking for the gene that causes it, and if they find it, then they'll start pushing for those babies to be terminated too.

People say it isn't a eugenics movement, but really, it is.... And, it's scary!!!