Tuesday, May 08, 2007

...but we worked so hard on it!

So Tom and I just finished our first grade 2 project. I hope we get an A+ on it!

Seriously, I couldn't help but joke as Tom is helping Kurtis finish off his project this morning after breakfast as it was due today. Nothing like last minute work! Apparently my child takes after me in that department.

Kurtis had a project to do on any country in the world. And it really wasn't that hard. The teacher laid out exactly what was supposed to be "discussed" on each page, there was only 12 pages (including the cover) and she supplied the booklet it was to be done in. But, we did find it time consuming! Kurtis picked Austria (for those of you who don't know, Tom's parents come from Austria and all his relatives are still there) as his country. We had to go to the library to learn how to find books on your topic. We had to teach him how to look at the books to find answers to the questions the teacher asked - NOT an easy task for an 8 year old boy with a bike just waiting to be ridden. And... "bibiography" is a HUGE word for an 8 year old.... he still can't pronounce it! Overall, though, I was proud of what Kurtis did. It took a lot of willpower on my part not to interfere and tell him it would be MUCH BETTER if he did this instead of that... or added that instead of this.... or said it this way... or drew this picture. My tongue is still sore from being bitten! :) But honestly, my child is not shy and had definite opinions on how things should be done and was quite willing to tell me so.

So... we'd better get an A+ on our project!

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Nicole said...

Darrah told me last time I helped her with a project, "If I don't get an A on it, I'm going to be so mad at you." Guess who will be on her own from now on?! :) Love to you guys!