Thursday, July 05, 2007

What's that saying about time flying??

something about having fun I think....

I can't believe my last post was June 19 - over 2 weeks ago! And yes, we have been having fun (other than the 1 week of chemo, but we won't mention that).

The end of the school year always brings its own particular busy-ness.
- There was a talent show to attend. Kurtis, along with 9 other of his classmates, performed The Macarena - finished off with a flourish by a human pyramid. It was so cute to see, and they did a great job, in spite of the music mix-up at the beginning (I'd love to post the video, but I don't think it would be fair to post without asking all the parents' permission). Honestly, though, I was just so proud of Kurtis that he actually DID something. I don't think I would have had the guts to go in front of that many people when I was in grade 2... in fact, I know I wouldn't have!
- We went to a end of year senior kindergarten party hosted by a family of Ryan's classmate (this is not to be confused with the SK graduation ceremony and party that was held the next week).
- Finally, we (as in Tom and I) were invited by Kurtis's teacher to attend the end-of-year assembly. I wasn't sure why, but I had a feeling it was to see Kurtis receive an award. And I was right! We are so proud of Kurtis as he received the 2006-2007 Christian Leadership award for his class. Kurtis got a bit tired of me telling him how proud I was of him.. "enough Mom!!"

And we have been busy enjoying the beautiful weather. Tom hadn't been feeling good for a while, so now that he is feeling better, the boys have been able to go out cycling again. On Monday (Canada Day holiday), we along with my Dad, my sister and her family were able to go out and enjoy our "new to the whole family" boat that my Dad bought for us. Although this boat needs a bit of loving care, it will allow us to do some skiing and tubing (thanks Dad!!). Having grown up at a young age with a boat, I have such great memories of learning to ski, skiing with my friend behind the boat, having fun going on a tube behind the boat, and watching my Dad and his friends slalom ski and do other hot-dog tricks. I really wanted to be able to recreate those memories for my children (and my sister's children). We weren't able to try skiing on Monday, but we were able to put the towable behind the boat and watch the laughter on our kids' faces. We purchased a towable that has seats IN it so the kids are quite safe....not as much fun for the adults, but lots of fun for the kids. We adults will get our fun skiing.

Finally, I'm thrilled to say that Kathy has returned to watch the kids for the summer. Remember Kathy from last year and how happy we were with her and the care she provided for Kurtis and Ryan? Well, she's back for another summer and the kids and I couldn't be happier. She started work late last week and she's already keeping the kids busy - two trips to the library, one trip to the grocery store for cookie ingredients, baking said cookies, many card and board games. Tomorrow is another trip to the library to see a magician's show (they have wonderful summertime activities planned) and then to the splashpad. Tomorrow night is Italian Festival.... another yearly tradition for our family that the kids look forward to excitedly. They love to ride the carnival rides, eat the wonderful pasta and other Italian dishes and enjoy a spaghetti or cannoli eating contest. FUN FUN FUN

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Mauzy said...

I've missed you and can't wait until next weekend!!! I hope Nash behaves himself (yeah, right)