Friday, July 27, 2007

Yeah for Walgreens!

This circulated the Down syndrome "community" a while ago, but I'm just getting caught up on things. Next time I'm in the U.S., I'm going to shop at Walgreens!

One of the things that has worried me about Ryan becoming an adult is him finding "real" work. I don't care what kind of work he does, but I want him to find something that he enjoys and where he feels useful and that he is contributing (actually, that's no different than what most parents wish for any of their children, now is it?). People with developmental disabilities have a very difficult time finding jobs - and this isn't always because of their ability (and as an aside, it's not just people with developmental disabilities. People with other disabilities - i.e. physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairments - are underemployed as well). Often it can be because of discrimination. Often it can be that the employer is worried about what the person will or will not do and won't give the individual a chance to prove themselves. Or it may be that the employer is unwilling to make the few accommodations necessary for that individual to hold the job. In any case, I know how hard it is going to be for Ryan to find a job when he becomes an adult. We are fortunate in our case that there is always the family business to fall back on. Tom often remarks about the various jobs that Ryan will do when he grows up. But, as I remark back to Tom, what if he doesn't want to work for you?? So, finally, kudos to Walgreens for employing so many people with disabilities. I hope many employers see this and make a telephone call to the President of Walgreens to see how to do it at their company!


Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

Kudos for Walgreens and other businesses like them. and thanks for bringing it to our attention. What timing witht he anniversary of the americans with disabilities act.

Annette? How are you feeling these days?
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We are praying for you daily.


Paulette said...

Everywhere I shop in grocery stores to walgreen's they hire Down syndrome personel! I know the grogers store that I frequent they have many Downs men and woman that bag groceries. It is wonderful to check out and be greeted by friendly caring individuals.
I have two close friends who have 11 year old Down Syndrome daughters, both whom I love dearly and very involved in there lives. I can see both of them being very productive in the job corp when they are old enough!
I have been praying for you and I follow your blog closely.