Monday, December 01, 2008

Some Good Advice

I have a great friend and we have great discussions about many mindless, useless, deep and provocative, soul-searching, trivial, supportive, chastising, honest and very religious topics. We are often on the same wavelength and radar screen of what is important to us. From this was born a small discussion group. Someone chooses a topic (often a video from a favourite speaker who has made the person think (our first was from Joyce Meyer, another was a pastor from Florida they had heard while on their trip, my next choice will be Tony Campolo). We watch and discuss. It's also always interesting to hear what other people heard from a message, and often it's not something you heard at all!

Our last session led us down the road of volunteering. I have decided to take a one year break from all volunteering (OK, I am on one committee at church). I was sharing how I felt I needed a break from all outside things this year, but that I still felt guilty, as many ministries still need volunteers and I think everyone needs to do their part. My one friend then said, "Don't you think that if you have a goal for yourself that God will bless what you do and be happy with your choices?" She shared how her goals were to be great at her job and be there for her husband (who has a very time consuming, travel involved, job) and her children. Once she set that goal, she realized other commitments weren't compatible with those goals.

That statement has made me think for the last 2 weeks. My goals are to be the best wife, mother and teacher I can be while giving myself time to rest, grieve, heal and grow. And right now, this year, other outside commitments are not compatible these goals. And those words of advice have lifted some weight (and guilt) from my shoulders. Thank God for great and wise friends.

No wonder she is a great counsellor/social worker. And I didn't even have to pay her $75!


Anonymous said...

Counseling session $75, good friends priceless.

All 4 My Gals said...

I am so glad you are doing that. I agree with your friend. I too tend to take on too much. I need to set a goal for next year. Love to you and thanks for sharing!