Monday, April 02, 2007

Adventures in the Middle of the Night

Boy, are we having fun with Ryan in the middle of the night!! As Kurtis says, "NOT!"

Over the past few months, Ryan has started to become afraid of the dark. So, occassionally he will wake up, go into the room that is off his bedroom, turn on the light and go back to bed. No problem there. But, in the past month or so, he's decided that's not enough light. So, now, he goes throughout the house and turns EVERY SINGLE light on....and I do mean every light - hall lights, dining room light, the light in Kurtis's bedroom, kitchen light, bathroom light, AND the porch light! Then he comes into our bedroom and says it's time to wake up. This is around 3:00 - 4:00 in the morning, by the way.

Last night I was woken up at 3:30 am by a little boy asking for help with his socks. I look and there is Ryan.... fully dressed for the day. He has taken his pj's and his night time pullup off, put his pj's where they belong, put the pullup in the diaper genie, gotten clothes out of the drawers and fully dressed himself. He usually puts his own socks on too...but I guess at 3:30 he figured he needed some help! I had a bit of a hard time convincing him it wasn't time to get up and that we needed to sleep some more.

Thank goodness we have a lock on the door that he can't reach - othewise he just might have walked himself to school!


Anonymous said...

I suppose you could be glad that he is so independent. I remember my mom giving my 4 year old brother a clock in his room and telling him it was not time to get out of bed until the little hand was at a certain spot. (I think she compromised a little bit and gave him 6am). Otherwise my brother would wake up on Saturdays at 4am looking for cartoons and waking her up when he couldn't find them.

Thinking and praying for you daily -- Michelle

PS I will drop some cookies off soon :)

Kei said...

Oh my gosh!!!! I'm actually sitting here cheering though, lol. I mean, look at all those independent skills he's showing... changing out of clothes, taking care of putting his night time pullup where it goes, getting fully dressed!
Okay, 3-4am and I would be cranky, but somehow I just picture Ryan's smiling face and how it just shines & it makes me all warm inside!

mum2brady said...

hmmmm 3 a.m. huh - not a good waking up time for mommies :) Makes me laugh! I can only wish for the day when Brady will want to undress and dress himself :) Our scenario would be Brady bringing us his clothes and asking us to dress him ;)

Thanks for the smile - and I hope you are getting more sleep :)

Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying that this round may go well for you. It's a long hard battle for you all. What a little fellow!!!sure makes you laugh even in the middle of the night a little grin perhaps and we do need to do that.
Still love your blog. Praying for strength for you, Love P&S