Monday, April 23, 2007

"My Special Someone"

My mom is special to me because she is sick and she still does many things for me. She takes me to school and takes me and Ryan to Chicopee to learn to ski. Sometimes she takes me and Ryan out to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. My favorite thing is she lets me and Ryan stay up late sometimes.

This was an assignment Kurtis had at school. I cried when I read this. Can you blame me?

I try hard to make life as normal as possible for my kids - it was one of my goals when I found out I had cancer. I didn't want this cancer to take over and be the focus of their lives. Unfortunately, in many ways it is. I can't help that I'm out of commission for at least one week every month. It breaks my heart when someone asks Ryan where Mommy is and he points to the bedroom and signs "sleeping". It breaks my heart when Kurtis asks to go tobogganing in the winter and I have to say no because I can't physically do it. But I am trying so hard to make life as regular as possible. Wherever I can, I do what I can. I'm glad to see it's working to a fairly good degree.


Kei said...

It's no wonder you cried when you read it. I cried!
You show them that they still are special too. When they are grown and look back over their childhood, they will remember the things you did with them, not the things you didn't. From his assignment, that shines through.
Hug that boy for me!!!

Kris said...

Me too. I think Kei said it all just right.

Love you and give your boys the biggest hugs!

Mendelt said...

Dear Annette:

Thanks for your post here. Absolute beauty. I know we've never met, but you are obviously a sweet, sweet soul.
Still praying,


mum2brady said...

Awww - I cried too. That is so sweet! You have really worked hard to make life wonderful for your famiy Annette, and I so admire your strength and perserverance and determination - you inspire me!!!

Love ya!

Nicole said...

Annette you are doing a beautiful job and your boys have so much more than most children do. I love you honey and they are blessed, as are you!